Best Selling Biltong Combo

Best Selling Biltong Combo

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Really excellent
from on 16/08/2014
Used these as nibbles to start an evening celebrating African products and everyone loved them. The biltong was particularly tasty and chewy without being tough and gristly, lovely flavour. We chopped the drywors into bite-size pieces and they were also very tasty and enjoyed by my guests.
excellent and good value for money
from on 15/08/2014
loved the biltong all chunky, wors was great too
from on 12/05/2014
I bought some droewors and biltong from a local SAFFA shop, and it was horrible!
The biltong was not fatty, lean in fact, but was very very oily and I threw it away, complete waste of money.Yours, on the other hand even tho it had a bit of fat, was dry and delicious.
The droewors is delicious as well, and I like that they are a bit thinner than normal, means I get more!
I will def be ordering again, very shortly.

Thank you!
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Best Biltong Traditional Biltong 150g (Dry/Medium/Wet: medium, Sliced/Stick: sliced, Lean/Some Fat/Fatty: some fat)
1 pack(s)
£6.00 / 1 pack(s)

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