Biscuits & Rusks

Ouma Rusks, Bakers, Pyotts

Canned Foods

All Gold, Koo, Nestle

Cereals, Grains and Beans

Bokomo, Iwisa Maize Meal, Samp, Jungle Oats, ProNutro, Tastic Rice

Chips (Crisps)

Simba, Willards, Fritos

Chutney & Sauces

All Gold, Mrs Balls, Spur, Steers, Pakco, Nandos, Wellingtons


Beacon, Cadbury, Nestle, Wilsons, Super C's, Chappies, Fizzers, Fizz-pops

Cold Drinks

Sparletta, Fanta, Liqui Fruit, Appletiser, Grapetiser, Brookes, Roses

Dried Fruits

Safari Dried Fruit Rolls, Mebos

Hot Drinks

Coffee, Tea, Milo

Marinades and Cooking Sauces

Ina Paarman, Royco, Spur, Steers, Something South African


Moirs Jelly, Moirs Instant Pudding
Seasoning & Spices

Seasoning & Spices

Here you can find a wide range of spices from Ina Paarman's to Rajah Curry Powder to the Royco Range.